Bread Baking Faults and Reasons

May 15, 2023

Bread Baking Faults

It’s important to know about some of the problems you might run into if you want to become a great bread maker. Baking bread can be a bit tricky, but these tips will help you avoid common pitfalls and reach delicious results.

Although you should expect to encounter some trial and error as you improve your bread baking skills, your journey does not have to end with unpalatable results. To avoid errors in your baking adventures, we’ll address some common bread making problems, and offer potential solutions.

Too much Volume:

Too Much Volume

  • Overproofed
  • Pan too small for quantity of dough
  • Oven temperature too low

Holes Under Top Crust:

Holes Under Crust Loaf

  • Overproofed
  • Oven too hot

Badly Shaped Bread:

Badly Shaped Bread

  • Bad Moulding
  • Pan too small for quantity of dough
  • Pans too close together in oven, if using multiple pans
  • Uneven temperature

Lack of Volume:

Collapsed Loaf

  • Flour with poor gluten content
  • Too much sugar or butter
  • Underproofed
  • Dough too dry – not enough liquid

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