A Spoonful of Fun

October 1, 2022

Measuring Set

The correct metrication guide for baking has been designed to make baking easier, and it’s a great way to improve your baking skills. Don’t let baking intimidate you, below are some basic ingredients, to help make the perfect bake every time for family and friends.


Anchor Instant Yeast is Vitamin C enriched which assists the dough in rising faster and makes the dough soft, elastic and easy to work with. The Vitamin C makes bread softer and keeps the bread fresh for longer. Anchor Instant Yeast is available in a 10 g sachet, which is sufficient for 500 g to 1 kg of flour for a basic bread dough and a 10 g sachet is sufficient for 500 g of flour for sweet or savoury enriched bakes.


Cake or Bread Flour can be used but Cake Flour is the strongest flour. It is easy to work with and gives you good results.Cake Flour is the finest, whitest flour and contains a higher gluten content.White Bread Flour is coarse and cream in colour and does not have as high a content of gluten as Cake Flour.The dough needs to be kneaded more to get a good result.Brown Bread Flour is very coarse and brown in colour and is healthier than Cake or White Bread Flour.It is also a weak flour and needs a lot of kneading to get good results. The gluten content in Brown Bread Flour is less than the other flour types.


Salt improves the taste of the baked product and helps to strengthen and stabilise the dough.


Margarine assists in making bread soft and helps to brown the baked product in the oven. It also assists in giving the baked product a longer shelf-life.


Utilising lukewarm tap water is best when working with Anchor Instant Yeast. Do not use hot water as this will destroy the activity of the yeast and the dough will not rise. Cold water slows down the activity of the yeast and the dough will take longer to rise.

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